The Herald launched its first Edinburgh Festivals awards back in 1995 and the Herald Angels were presented each August in Edinburgh until last year.

Each week our guest presenters handed out the treasured trophies with the Angels joined most weeks by a supreme Archangel award to someone who has made a sustained and valued contribution over a number of years, and often a Little Devil, presented to those who have overcome any manner of gremlins or more serious setbacks to produce the goods.

The most recent addition to the family is the Wee Cherub, which goes to the writer of the best review of an Edinburgh International Festival show written by an Edinburgh school pupil participating in The Herald Young Critics Project with the EIF’s learning department.

This year the Wee Cherub will still be awarded but a lack of sponsorship support has meant that there will be no prizes for the people whose work the young people will see, or the many organisations and backroom staff supporting them.

If you would like to help restore the Herald Angels to their place in the Edinburgh Festivals calendar for the 70th anniversary in 2017, please contact Lyndsay Wilson, our Events Manager on +44 141 302 7407, lyndsay.wilson@heraldandtimes.co.uk