2002 recipients


Claudio Abbado
Carol Main Festival of British Youth Orchestras


The Bad Plus Jazz Festival
Compagnie au Cul du Loup Mousson
David Greig Outlying Islands
Kasper Hauser
Sarah Kendall
Royal Bank £5 Nights EIF
Candia McWilliam Book Festival
Boris Charmatz
The Girl on the Sofa
Kathleen McDermott, actress, Morvern Callar
John Clancy Assembly
Belcea Quartet
Royal Ballet of Flanders Swan Lake
Sheila Stewart Scottish Political Song
Lia Rodrigues Dance Company Such Stuff As We Are Made Of
Brian Hennigan Velvet Comedy
Anthony Neilson Stitching, Penetrator and Clobbered
Riot Group: Victory at the Dirt Palace
Cy Twombly exhibition Inverleith Ho
John Byrne Book festival
Siegfried design team Hildegard Bechtler, Ana Jebens, Peter Mumford
Them & Us Anne Neilson, Adams McNaughtan, Janey Buchan
GoGo – The Boy With The Magic Feet
Francois Girard for Oedipus Rex

Little Devils

Sanjay Roy and Teamwork Films Yeh Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan
Les Enfant Terribles West at Assembly
Belarus State University Theatre on the Balcony
Canadian Opera Company Oedipus Rex