2013 Recipients


The Wooster Group


Traverse Theatre Co & Datum Point Productions for Ciara

Nirbhaya at Assembly Hall

Boneyard Theatre  Sandpits Avenue

Spitfire Company and Damuza Theater  One Step Before the Fall

Sean Hughes Penguins

Chiaroscuro Quartet

Patti Smith  The Poet Speaks

Mirenka Cechova and Tantehorse  S/he is Nancy Joe

Circa  Wunderkammer

The Wau Wau Sisters

Dirk Rothbrust A Tribute to Frank Zappa

Pierre-Laurent Aimard

Beckett at the Festival

Barrie Kosky  Dido and Aeneas/Bluebeard’s Castle

Transmitted Live  Nam June Paik Resounds

Little Devil

Lea McGowan

Little Cherub

Sine Harris